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Office: 506-458-9500 Fax: 506-453-9487
514 Needham Street, Fredericton, NB, E3B 1P3
Barwise Realty - One Company, One Team

What Makes Us Average

SIGNAGE - We place our recognizable sign on your property.

MLS LISTING - Your property is posted on our local MLS® system for all Realtors®

REALTOR.CA - Your property is uploaded to REALTOR.CA® for the public.

LOCKBOX - We all install a lockbox and have online access to all viewings.

FEEDBACK ON SHOWINGS - Following showings, we provide feedback.

OUR COMPANY WEBSITE - Your property is posted to our company website.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Your property is promoted through various social media sites.

PHOTOS OF YOUR PROPERTY - We take pictures of your property to go online.

COLLECT PROPERTY DATA - We measure and collect data about your property.

PROPERTY BINDER - We create our company property binder for buyers to view.

MARKETING SPECIALISTS - We are real estate marketing specialists.

EXPERT NEGOTIATORS - We are expert real estate transaction negotiators.